LCW 2019: The Art of Repair: Kintsugi at wagumi

LCW 2019: The Art of Repair: Kintsugi at wagumi

A chance to connect with kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics. Workshops with Iku Nishikawa will offer accessible demonstration of how this craft creates a beautiful afterlife for tableware that has suffered accidents.

Nature’s work is random, and beautiful. This spirit guides the ‘born but not made’ nature of patterned ceramics emerging from Japanese kilns.


About Kintsugi:

Kintsugi is a process that uses lacquer, sealants and colour to trace the lines of an accident during use. The spontaneous moment of breakage is immortalised, and becomes a new feature. It allows the owner of the item not just to have their piece returned to them with fresh beauty, but to contemplate the imperfection and fragile equilibrium of life. Through the craft of kintsugi, those who do it can hence connect to something eternal.

Iku Nishikawa, a practitioner in the technique, will at design shop wagumi offer a simple introduction to kintsugi. Including some shortcuts, the workshops are intended as an entry to the deeper art of mending ceramics with lacquer. To find the broken dreams, and the beauty that comes next.

Iku Nishikkawa

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