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                Load image into Gallery viewer, Yuzu Bath Salts by Muchachaen

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Yuzu Bath Salts by Muchachaen

Yuzu Bath Salts by Muchachaen

These yuzu bath salts are a brand collaboration between yaetoco and Japan’s ubiquitous Hello Kitty.

Yaetoco is a piece of local dialect meaning the ‘the coast is a good place’.  This is a reference to the home of the Muchachaen company in a western bayside of Ehime.  

Founded in the 1970s as a collective of local farmers, Muchachaen has grown into a local enterprise with a social purpose.  

Exploring the heritage and possibilities of historic citrus cultivation in the western region of Ehime, the range items under the Muchachaen or Yaetoco brands, aim to put something back to the community in which their fruit was grown.

Ehime, with its sunshine, is known for its citruses.  The yuzu is a hardy small citrus, somewhere between an orange and a lemon perhaps, which is loved in Japan.  It is so loved in fact, that it is often placed cut into halves in baths.  This is done especially on 21 December, the longest day, when we are missing some sunshine.

These salts bring something of this feeling, with Ehime grown yuzu used as an ingredient.  

They are available in individual packs sized 12cm x 8cm, and weighing 50g.

Ingredients:  Sea Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Yuzu peel extract, Chinpi(JPN),Pearl Powder, Hydrated Silica and Honey

The makers recommend adding the salts before entering the bath, and not doing so if you have allergies to any of the ingredients. 


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