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These bath salt bags were made by the Charley company, based in Osaka.

Osaka is one of Japan’s most colourful cities, and these sachets provide a vivid bath experience

Styled as ‘Kuusou Bathroom’, in Japanese the word kuusou refers to something between imagination and dreams.

Blended indeed with imagination, each bag has its own strong theme and the stated aim to transport to a world beyond the everyday grind. The five here are:

Expecting the yuzu crop

Bathing with yuzu citruses is a feature of Japanese winter, and this bag aims to capture the anticipation of the first fruit. It blends multiple citruses, with the yuzu to the fore.

Catch me in the strawberry field

A play on words of the Japanese title of JD Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye, the similarity to this bath experience probably ends there. This in fact is a riot in the wild strawberry patch that blends almond oil, Japanese mugwort, and of course strawberries.

Good night meteor shower

Imagine shooting stars out the window as you bathe with gaze towards the sky. That is the concept here, with the bag providing a purplish nighttime bath experience based on lavender, herbs and cow’s milk.

Milky coloured passing clouds

A Van Gogh meadow, with milky clouds that dribble across the sky. This bag brings scent of elderflower, frankincense and cow’s milk.

Green forest landing

A bath time touch down in a rich woody environment is presented as an invitation to dream, with a bag full of greenery including hinoki, ginkgo biloba and Tuscan cypress. 


Direction for use

Remove the bag from the package and put into a bath of warm water (around 200L).  Squeeze the bag to release the fragrance.  Enjoy.




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