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We take made-to-order for Negishi watering cans as currently highly demanded.

It will take 2-3 months but he will make the special one for you in his studio, Tokyo.

Please contact us for more details.


Negishi are specialist makers of handmade watering cans.  At wagumi, we have a small selection of their work, and can arrange for the order of their products when sold out.

The Negishi family firm developed their skills in metalwork, while repairing and making the roofs of temples. Able to solder and do fine work in copper, brass and steel, they realised these abilities could find another outlet: in high quality watering cans for bonsai and Japanese gardens.

The art of Japanese gardens or miniature bonsai, is found in its detail. There is a bond with nature, and a communion as the gardener shapes the natural space.
Negishi’s watering cans pour in a way that mimic rain. They are each handmade, with deep focus on their material, by the workshop’s total staff of three.  Based in Tokyo, Negishi are an important part of the capital's lineage in craft.


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