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The Muro-o kiln is the workshop of ceramic artist Hironobu Ogawa.  A journeyman in pottery, Ogawa began work in his hometown of Osaka before eventually arriving in his current base of Hagi, western Japan.  Hagi has a deep pottery tradition as is known for soft-colour glazes and its classical tea ware.  Ogawa, as always, has a slightly different approach.  Adapting the traditional white glaze of the Hagi style, he brings a bubbling, elemental quality to his work.  The results are patterns that resemble white lava formations on red soil, and are a result of careful temperature control in his kiln.

Ogawa's original love of ceramics was acoustic, in the pinging sound of newly fired work.  His workshop now echoes with this sound as he sculpts new forms across the Hagi red soil.  This dedication and feel for his materials leads Ogawa to unique creations that are a striking edition to any kitchen or dining table.



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