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This product would take 1.5-2 months to be delivered after ordering.
Once you place your order, we will shortly contact you with more information about the estimated delivery time.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.(shop@wagumi-j.com)




Loved equally by birdwatchers and festival goers, these Wild Bird Society of Japan wellington boots have a broad appeal.  They are appreciated both for their practicality and their style.  Made in natural rubber to the WBSJ’s specifications, the boots can be folded and placed in their accompanying carry case for easy transit.  This makes them especially suited to trips in unpredictable weather. 

Available here for the first time in Europe, the boots are offered in five colours: Gray, Brown, Green, Camouflage and the Lime colour of the Japanese Whiteeye (Mejiro) bird.  In addition to their carry case, each is sold with a selection of coloured togs.

The boots are available in six sizes:

S = 22.5-23.50 cm, UK 4-5,  USA4.5-5.5, Euro 37-38

M = 23.5-24.5cm, UK 5-6 , USA 5.5- 7, Euro 38-40

L =24.5- 26.0cm, UK 6-7, USA 7- 8, Euro 40-42

LL = 26.5-27.5cm, UK 7-8 , USA 8-9, Euro 42-44

3L = 27.5-28.5cm, UK 8-9 , USA 9-10, Euro 44-46

4L = 28.5- 29cm, UK 9-10, USA 10- 11, Euro 46-48

(*When worn with a thick sock, a slightly larger size than for shoes may be suitable.  If in doubt please contact us, or visit our shop in the OXO Tower for a test fitting)

(**For extended city walking, an insole can provide support and comfort within the boots.  Insoles for the WBSJ wellingtons are sold elsewhere on this site)   


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