Haze Handmade Candle Set: 'Mata Ashita'

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These candles are warosoku by Haze, and are part of their gradation series of coloured candles

Expressing the concept behind this design, Haze say rather than sayonara (goodbye), there is the happier chance to say mata ashita (see you tomorrow), and a sense of piece within these times that provides the inspiration for the bright colours of these candles.

The box contains Three candles. They will burn for 70-80 minutes each.

Candle size: Height 15cm Width 1.3cm

Package weight: 100g

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About Haze

Based in Kawagoe, north of Tokyo, candle makers Haze conduct gentle explorations in the traditional material of Japan wax.

Japan wax is name given to the material obtained from the berries of sumac trees, and in particular the variety known as haze (pronounced ha-zeh) in Japan.

It is said that the material was first used in candle making in the Muromachi period of Japanese history (1336 to 1573), and reached its peak in providing light to important samurai and merchant families in the later Edo period.

Today, the cultivation of haze trees is limited to two sites in Kyushu (Japan’s southern island), and its use in candle making is subject to rediscovery.

From their premises in Kawagoe, Haze make each candle by hand, combining the rare Japan wax with even rarer rush and traditional paper wicks.

Haze describes the particular characteristic of the candles they make as being in the dancing flame and the gentle noise that they emit. The candles do not produce scent, and instead calm their owner with their presence. Each flame is one off, and never to be repeated.

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