Sansai Glazed Karakara by Ryumonji Pottery

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This karakara style drink pourer was made at the Ryumonji cooperative's kiln in Aira, Kagoshima.

Traditionally the shochu distilled spirt of Kagoshima is drunk hot, from stout pouring utensils such as a karakara.  Hard to knock over however much of the spirit is drunk, it is a form that had easy to imagine utility for the potters who have worked in Ryumonji-ware for centuries.

This one is decorated with Ryumonji's famed yellowish white decoration clay, and the signature 'sansai' green and brown glaze trailing.

It is 13.5cm in diameter, and 13cm high.  It weighs 440g and can contain 400ml of liquid.  (*The pictured cup is sold separately).

About the Ryumonji Pottery Cooperative 

Sourcing the ingredients for their ceramics in their immediate area, and firing them in a wood fired hillside kiln, Ryumonji-ware is connected to Kagoshima’s land, and to the history of its ceramics.

With history dating to the early Edo era, Ryumonji-ware is one of the lineages in so called ‘black Kagoshima ceramics. In contrast to the white work that was characterised by its finery, and provided to the rulers of the domain, the ceramics made at the Ryumonji kilns were for use in everyday life. It developed a rustic beauty, and a quality that began to be truly appreciated in the 20th century. Despite this, ceramics in the region was under threat, but ultimately preserved by the creation of the pottery cooperative.

Ryumonji-ware is known for the excellent quality of white base decoration clay, and for pattern work such as green and caramel brown trailing, or blues onto blacks. The potters make Kagoshima classics such as the ‘choka vessels used for serving the local shochu spirt, and use distinct firing techniques and locally found materials to achieve their shark skin and dakatsu effect glazes. As such the work in Ryumonji-ware is a tradition alive and evolving.

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