CaBas N°39 Medium Triangle Tote Bag

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This is a medium sized tote style bag, inspired in its design by the knot of a traditional Japanese furoshiki cloth.

Suitable for carrying on the shoulder, it is light and useful.

The fabric throughout is strong, sashiko embroidered cotton.

The bag can easily be folded and placed in a case for use on trips.

It has an external pocket, fastened by a stud, that can contain a pass case or mobile phone.  The inner section too is fastened by a stud.  The upper strap is leather, and is comfortable on the shoulder.

It is ideal for shopping trips, carrying while cycling, or for many other occasions in daily life.  It is also available in a larger size.

About CaBas.

CaBas are modern bag designs paired with a classic Japanese material, manufactured in a time perfected way.

Sashiko cotton has its origins in embroidery techniques to lend durability and beauty to clothing.  It is perhaps most well known today for its use in the wear for martial such as judo.  

The ability to withstand throws and rolls, is a demonstration of the material’s strength.

Few manufacturers in Japan have the skill and experience of working with sashiko held by Atelier Tanei, based in Aichi, in the country’s central region.

Their ability brings alive the CaBas designs, and creates new forms for sashiko in modern life.

The result is durable and stylish.  

Contemporary designs, and bags that become reliable companions. 


To remove dirt or stains, please use a neutral detergent applied to a cloth, and then tapped to the surface of the bag.

If storing for a prolonged time, to avoid loss of shape or mould, please keep in a well ventilated place, without damp, and with the shape maintained.

Please be aware that if stored in a damp place, or in the event of repetitive friction, it is possible that some colour may transfer from the material.

Each bag comes with one year free repair, although be aware that shipping costs to Japan should be met by the customer.

For bags more than one year old, the maker can quote for repair costs.


H:535mm W:430mm D:130mm

Material: Mikawa cotton, leather, metal fastenings

Instagram: @cabas_official

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