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The wagumi original kintsugi set offers tools and materials needed to make a start in kintsugi - the Japanese technique of mending of broken things with lacquer and metal powder.

The kit includes English language instructions, and the below materials, many of which are sourced exclusively in Japan.

It is important to note that there are certain things which are not included, but which can be found in DIY stores.

The kit includes:

- NOA urushi tube (skin sensitive lacquer)

- Kintsugi specialist brush (for line drawing)

- Kintsugi specialist brush (for applying metallic powder)

- Silk wool

- Metallic powder (brass)

- Kintsugi use putties (to fill chipped areas)

- Kintsugi use spatula (to mix urushi)

- Two sand paper types (rough and smooth)

- Kintsugi use cloth

- Kintsugi use gloves

It does not include, but recommends the following:

- Epoxy glue (Devcon 5 minute epoxy recommended)

- Acetone (used to remove glue), 

- Isopropanol (used to cleaning urushi and oil based dirt), 

- Turpentine (used as a thinning agent for urushi)

A cutter knife and a humid box (any box containing wet towels) is also necessary to the kintsugi process.

Available separately are konazutsu tubes to sprinkle metal power in the final stages of kintsugi.

Also pre-broken kintsugi practice plates can be bought with a 20% discount, when purchased together with a kintsugi set.

About kintsugi

Kintsugi is a technique practiced for hundreds of years in Japan, to mend broken things.  It emerged within a wider culture of lacquerware, ceramics and tea, and a tradition that celebrated materials and imperfection.

While some repairs seek to conceal a breakage, kintsugi highlights, and immortalises it as a moment in time.  In its traditional form lacquer is used as a sealant, but with the modern alternative of using epoxy glue, at least in the beginning stages.  At wagumi we arrange workshops in kintsugi to coincide with London Craft Week each year.


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