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Hand soldered and hand crafted in Tokyo, each one of these watering cans is the product of an individual’s labour.  The individuals in question are members of the Negishi family and their small company (total staff = 3) in the Sumida area of the capital.  The family business originally specialised in metalwork used on the roof of shrines, but moved into garden-ware in the 1960s to accommodate demand for high quality implements for bonsai.  The Negishi watering cans then and now have a special status among bonsai practitioners.  The fall of the water from their nozzles has the feeling of rain.  To accompany the experience of working with plants, in this way the user can have the sense of nature in their hand.

The handmade production process involves melting solder over hot coals, and allowing it to ‘flow’ with the maker’s skill on to the metal’s surface.  Inevitably this means only a few can be made each day.  An item hence with a limited production run, we have a small selection at wagumi.

The word for watering can in Japanese is a loan word from Portuguese: Jorro.  The ’Bon Joro’ here is a kind of greeting to the work of Negishi and is a simple and portable option for gardens or indoor use.

Care Instruction for Watering Cans

  • For copper watering cans it is advisable to wipe remaining water after use, and not to leave water to stand in the can when not in use.


  • After use, wipe the can lightly inside and out, and leave in to dry in an airy location.  The cans do not respond well to enclosed spaces (such as wine cellars), or to direct sun.


  • Following long term use, some changes in the material (and especially copper) will be noticeable.  But as long as the care instructions are followed above, this is simply the natural process of the metal acquiring character with age.


  • Well cared for, the metal will remain in good condition for at least ten years.  In the event of damage or breakage, the product may be returned to Negishi in Tokyo for repair, subject to shipping and costs.


  • Stainless steel cans require less careful maintenance than copper, but as a general rule it is better to follow the same care instructions above.

Includes 1 watering can.

Size: Height 11cm x Width 36cm x Depth 11cm

Package weight: 900g

Material:Copper/ Brass/ Stainless Steel

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