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In the old Echigo province, which was the forerunner of the modern Niigata, food preservation and taste were supported by the use of ‘snow houses’ (yukimuro).  These were warehouses naturally refrigerated by large quantities of snow, which in insulated spaces guaranteed a stable temperature over many months.

Yukimuroya is a project in modern day Niigata, that attempts to the harness the wisdom of this age, and blend naturally cooled ingredients into a tasty and sustainable range of food and drink.  Using collected snow of course requires much less energy than industrial refrigeration (they calculate 400-700 tons of CO2 emissions could be saved per year for each snow house used).  It also allows the project to connect to the gourmet energy that existed in old-Echigo, with the dedication to high quality and fresh ingredients a legacy, that continues to support Niigata as one of Japan’s premier regions for rice growing and agriculture.

The project is collaboration between different Niigata based producers, and this coffee was selected and roasted by Suzuki Coffee, based in Niigata city.  The pack contains five sachets that can perched above a pot or cup, for you to pour hot water over in studious barrister fashion.  The coffee contained is an original blend for Yukimuroya, and has had is bitterness blunted by snow room storage to give a soft and full taste.  The pack proudly displays the mark of an award given by the Japanese Minister of Agriculture, for innovation. 

This coffee is ground in the sachets making it handy and portable to achieve a high grade coffee experience in a range of occasions.  For other types of Niigata style coffee experience we have a range of whole beans, grinders and drip pots also available.

Each pack contains five sachets, and is 17cm by 18cm in size.

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