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Beginning on 23rd November wagumi will be hosting a selection of products from some of Kawasaki’s most exciting makers all of which embody the cultural renaissance of the city.

Kawasaki is not somewhere traditionally known for its beauty and artisanal culture. With its heavy industry and rough image, it has long lived in the gritty shadow of Tokyo. But that is very much in the past and Kawasaki City Fair is all about introducing a very different reality. A city where the focus is now on building a diverse and beautiful future which is both kind to the environment and to all its citizens.


This month long celebration will be officially launched on November 23rd with a special appearance by London based Japanese illustrator and print maker Takako Copeland who has been commissioned to create a unique design for wagumi’s shop window. And for this, she will use one of the products featured, the world renowned Kitpas crayons.  With their famously soft buttery texture, these award-winning non-toxic crayons are perfect for artists of all ages. And over the weekend of November 25th -26th visitors to the shop will be encouraged to pick up the crayons and express their own flair for window artistry.


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